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Who We Are: A 501 (c)3 NGO committed to awaken an individual's full

potential so she/he finishes the race in full form.  We believe that life is

like a marathon. We believe that we all have God Given talent and that

talent is just enough to get us most of the way to the finish line; but to

win, we need something more! The "more" is mental focus, spirtual

perseverance and determination. 

Objective: Empower Wounded Women of All Backgrounds 


Ir4g Global Runner's Association




History:  The ir4g Global Running Association was formed after several world class runners sponsored by Fit2runlong and E2 visited Walter Reed Medical Hospital during an outreach tour on 20 Oct 2010. After learning the mission of the Warrior Transition Command (WTC), and hearing several serious Wounded Warrior stories, the ir4g team was formed. It was decided from the start that the elite runners, certified coaches and veterans would develop the ir4g Running Club for all potential runners with a community service mission




Core Strengths:  
     -World Class Innovative Training/Coaching 
     -International Elite Management
     -Coach Certification
     -Race Directing
     -World Class Wounded Warrior Women Healing/Training Camp and Academy 
           -Wounded Warrior Women Transitional - Training
           -Optimal Performance Summer Camp for At-Risk-Females 
We have a deep rooted commitment to the women veterans who have service-    connected disabilities by offering Veterans and Wounded Warriors assistance in their road to recovery. IR4G has a strong history of collaborating with Veterans Affairs, other nonprofits, and city agencies. Our Staff consist of: Wounded Warrior Women, Veterans and Elite International Athletes, Certified Coaches, Trainers and Models   

"Don't you realize that everyone who runs in a race runs to win, but only one runner gets the prize? Run like them, so that you can win!"  1 Corinthians 9:24